Friday, October 13, 2006

So I was talking to my best friend Emily Eagan, who is down in New Orleans. She e-mailed me, which got on my Blackberry. I'm sorry. They call it a "Crackberry." I've found out how addictive it is and I think it's the future. Imagine if all of your e-mail arrived to you, no matter where you are.

So she mentioned Taco Bell, and so on the way home I got Taco Bell. I brought it home and watched Law and Order: SVU. Verdict?

Taco Bell: KFC Cheesy Snacker: C-
Crunchwrap Supreme: Most surely not good to go
Double Decker Supreme: The trusty standard B+ Update: I'm lowering this grade to a C+. No sour cream. Where has the attention to detail gone?
Mostly dissapointing...always sound better than it turns out to be

L&O: It never gets better.

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