Saturday, October 28, 2006

Reason# 361 why I love America

AMC's Monsterfest

So AMC has Monsterfest. This is the 10th year they've done this. Basically, it's horror movies all day and night long. I'm currently watching Wolfen. It's decent and stars Albert Finney which is pretty cool. But I love this series of movies. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain and I have a date with this TV and some great classics, like Children of the Corn and the Exorcist.


maikib said...

Oooh-- Children of the Corn... a great choice.

boyski said...

Next summer, you are going to visit some of the scariest corn fields at night out in Western Ma with me. Top notch scary I say.

girlski said...

don't listen to him.. western mass doesn't know scary cornfields. their idea of a corn field is 3 stalks planted next to each other.

the midwest knows cornfields - the kind you can walk around in circles for hours and not find your way out.