Monday, October 08, 2007

A lil philanthropy

So you may notice a fundraising thermometer to the right of this post. Normally, some of you may only see these things outside your volunteer fire station when they're raising money for a new flagpole.

The link at the bottom goes to DonorsChoose which is a site that allows you to direct fund teachers in schools. It's actually pretty neat. I plan on donating enough to cover the balance. So that means if I only get $20 out of you skinflints then I'll put up $30. However, if we hit the $50 or over, the Ramblings staff will match the final total.

So give something. For your karma, or if only to see that stupid little thermometer get higher.

Update: My kind brother apparently gave before the charity was chosen. I'm raising the money for a 1st grade teacher to buy a rug for her classroom with a giant world map on it to show kids the countries. Ross's $20 are apparently floating around feel-good cyberspace.


maikib said...

wow... public servants make more money than i thought... now i feel like i have to engage...

RMC said...

Alright, since my brother has not gotten his act together in time. I have just donated 20 bucks to the general fund, becaus previously there was not a link to "Sitting on top of the World." Thanks Big Bird!