Friday, March 30, 2007

America's War Standings

And in addition to this amazing beer, I have my good friend Waka's genius to make me laugh out loud. The MVP part is awesome. Enjoy this on your Fridays, children.

So today...

Let's see, it's 60 degrees today and I was in a good mood for most of the day. And then in the car ride home, I had a conversation that mentioned my ex-girlfriend. And then the slide began, and I realized two years later I'm not quite over her. And maybe I'll never find the right girl, because I'll never let myself recognize her. So that put me in a little funk.

Went home, decided to go for a run and came back to find my tax return returned for my signatures.

I owe Massachusetts about $150 bucks
I get $1,000 from Uncle Sam
I owe the accountant $400

Which leaves me with $450.00 Which is not the windfall I had expected. I had done much better last year. But perhaps having them done properly is the price I pay.

But then I had this...
It's called Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat, and it tastes like happiness. I had it first in Philly with some friends and it altered my life. So, sure my life isn't always where I want it to be. And I'd really like to be able to have a relationship without blowing it up. But right now, drinking this beer, my world is recentered. It's amazing what some hops, barley and coriander can do. Thank you, good people of Chippewa Falls, WI. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Had Shawarma tonight at, where else, the Shawarma King 2. There isn't an original. I think there was once, but no longer. I find it funny that they keep the 2. Probably some tax code thing. The beef-lamb shawarma sandwich with hummus inside was delicious.

Also, I signed up to take the police test in Massachusetts. Here, the state offers one test for everyone. One test to rule them all. Chuck sent around an e-mail asking people who was man enough to be Boston's finest. Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to be a cop. It really means that if I don't take this test, then I'll be too old to take the next one. Kinda sucks to be getting to the stage where you're too old to take a job.

Oh, and Boston apparently has some residency requirement to take the test for them, in which case I couldn't be a Boston cop. Which is sad, because that is one of the few places in MA that I would be a cop.

Oh, and I'm sure you have all seen this, but I hadn't yet and someone forwarded it to me when I was going nuts at work and I laughed. Which is good.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Never say that government is lazy

I was at work tonight until 8PM. I know, some say work smarter and not harder. I hate that expression. Though it wasn't all work. My friend Emily, who is from New Orleans, and I are dreaming up a screenplay about a tough New York Cop and a genteel Southern Belle FBI agent who are forced to collaborate on a murder case in the city. Basically, we just send each other snippits of dialogue, or ideas for scenes. They must be cliched.

The title is Mason Vs. Dixon, which obviously are their names. Anyone know which one is from New York? This is a trivia question....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Waka brings the funny....

I've decided to post my friend's political video blog each week..... enjoy!

Alcohol is the devil

So last night, went to to Gotham, and attended the 30th birthday party of my old partner Will. It was at this place called Kinsale, an Irish bar near my parent's house. Drank some Guiness, a few Black and Tans, did some Irish Car Bombs....

And then I got sick. I think they declared the bathroom a "Hot Zone" which means that only people on portable oxygen could go in there. I'm sorry Kinsale. That's what happens when you sell me waaay too many delicious beers. I had a great time with Will and his girlfriend and sister and the whole crew. How do you not like a group of guys with names like Blackie, Flaco, and Black Joe?

Pulled my ass out of bed and drove back home. Saw two movies off the Netflix queue tonight. First was the Illusionist. Very good. Get it if you haven't already. I enjoyed it quite a lot. The second movie was Saints and Soldiers, which was a low-budget, well done WW2 movie from 2003. It was good. For under a million bucks, it was great. So if you like this kind of stuff (Chuck), you should rent it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Today is a good day....


So my friend from Maine will keep his decrepit firehouse. The Hallowell, ME City Council agreed that it was a ridiculous idea.

I called in and took the day this morning, which is because I didn't take my Evacuation Day Holiday. It's a beautiful day on Boston. I walked up to this brunch place called the Broken Yolk and had some really good french toast. And then I took the walk back to call some pals from my NYPD days. My old partner is celebrating his 30th birthday tonight, so I'm driving down to party with him. Hopefully some of the guys might show up.

It's amazing sometimes how much one day or even a morning can help your mental health. Life is good today. It doesn't mean that there aren't issues, or that I don't have internal crap. But at this very moment, sitting on my porch in the is perfect.

Embarassing photo of Will courtesy of his wonderful and beautiful sister Wendy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ah yuh

I am back from the wilds of Maine! Well, they weren't so wild. I was actually staying at a Comfort Inn outside of Augusta. I had a meeting up there for work. It was a nice place. I found a great brew pub called the Liberal Cup in Hallowell, ME. Smallest City in America apparently, with around 2,400 residents.

Anyway, a colleague of mine is also the fire chief up there. Small department, 2 engines and 15 volunteers. This marks his 25th year as chief. And how does the city reward him for his services?

They tell him he needs to move his firehouse, so that they can put a restaurant in there. Apparently, the largest restaurant in town had a fire a few weeks back and needs to find new space. Poor Mike. He was blindsided. I hope he gets to keep his firehouse. Where the hell will they put the trucks?

I'm back for a little while. I just saw "The Virgin Suicides." Beautiful movie. Sad and yet a love story. It was a really touching viewpoint from the boys across the street.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No, I'm not dead.

Good Evening...This might be a post over several days.

I'm sorry for the long time without posting. I assure you I'm fine. I lost radio silence about 10 days ago...when I went to.......

NYC! In the heezy. I was down there to see my old roommate, Jennie Meier, a dear friend of mine. We watched a fantastic movie on Friday night named, "Snakes on a Plane."
Best line by far was when Samuel Jackson looked into the camera and stated "We got muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!" And yes, I realize that this line was played out months ago, but I still fell out of my seat. I especially liked the fact that that line was added after the movie wrapped because of an internet parody.

On Saturday I got to see my dear friend Adam "Waka" Green in a show Off-Broadway. He was in a play called "The Last Word." He co-starred with Daniel J. Travanti whom some of you might know from this show. He was excellent and I got to have brunch the next morning with the crew from high school, which was awesome. It's really so nice to have everyone together. It's like family. Actually a lot better, because there's no drama. And I'll have someone at some point to bring to these gatherings. I'm thinking about an escort next time, just for shock factor. Not that these guys are easily shocked.

And then it was off on Sunday afternoon to Emmittsburg, MD. Wha-hoo! I'll write about that tomorrow. This kid is tired. Apparently my grad school is on Spring Break, but that just lets me do all the assignments I didn't last week when I was working.

Welcome back.