Monday, October 29, 2007

Mas Lunchbox. Me gusta Lunchbox.

All Hallow's Eve

So this Saturday night saw me at a kick-ass Halloween party at my friends party. I actually went as him. This costume won't really make sense, until you learn that one day Chuck did get his shoe and sock eaten by the escalator at Alewife. Only this guy would then gimp back to his car, go home and change and then come back to work. I'm pretty sure I would have called it a day at that point. That's why he's the better employee. Ross went as Duff Man, well actually Beer Man, who is Duff Man's non-copyrighted cousin.

Tonight I saw a great movie I highly recommend called Layer Cake. Daniel Craig, of James Bond fame, was really good. An English drug dealing, double and triple crossing whodunit. The ending was the best. A must see. Really.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can't I make your product with 5 fingers?

Today, I went shopping, but not at the shopping plaza near my house because that parking lot spawns cars and is constantly full. So I went to another one and bought $70 worth of food. On things like Hamburger Helper, and various juices and veggies and fruit. I don't buy food often enough, and I essentially buy food to replace the food that has turned colors in my fridge. Like my greasy turkey. Now I have new turkey. And bologna. Yes, there is a 30-year old that still eats bologna.

And don't know if your state is one of these 40, but you might want to check this article out. I totally agree with this policy and think everyone should do it. I think the changing lanes option is better than the slowing down policy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Doings

So this weekend was full of fun and not fun, near and far.

Friday night saw me hanging out in Poughkeepsie with my friend Vinnie, who's a firefighter with Arlington. Always a good time. He and I are good friends, but you wouldn't have thought so when we first met. Our personal lives have followed the others closely with the peaks and the valleys. We always end up talking about life in his basement around some Michelob Lights. And there's no place I would rather be.

Saturday morning I was at the old alma mater. They were taking photos of donors who have apparently given large sums proportionally. I guess they thought the government salary was a a gimme. I had a really interesting talk with a woman from Development about what I see as a new way to look at raising money and connecting with alumnae. Hope that works out, because I got really excited about it. I'd write more, but I'm kind of spent.

Last night was a surprise party for my good friend Steve. He turned 30 and it was a shared party for him and his Dad in the Nutmeg State. Good times. Drank, hung out, saw the Sox get spanked and not quickly. Got to experience the joys of a Hilton Garden Inn. Good times.

Today was pretty crappy. For a few reasons, the biggest one personal. Did laundry, and started on a paper. I did fix myself a nice cocktail and watch Blood Diamond. That movie proves two things. First, my whole thing about wooden engagement rings is a social justice movement. Second, I want Jennifer Connelly to have my babies.

But even when the chips are down, sometimes there are signs that I'm not meant to stay down forever. I'm not saying life is great tonight. But I'm saying that thanks to these guys here, it's a little easier.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My apologies

I'm sorry for what seems like a double post, but this is my friend Waka's video blog right after the Mets self-combusted in the home stretch. A must see for Mets fans or those who like baseball.

Waka breaks down the possible 8-way race in 08

Monday, October 08, 2007

A lil philanthropy

So you may notice a fundraising thermometer to the right of this post. Normally, some of you may only see these things outside your volunteer fire station when they're raising money for a new flagpole.

The link at the bottom goes to DonorsChoose which is a site that allows you to direct fund teachers in schools. It's actually pretty neat. I plan on donating enough to cover the balance. So that means if I only get $20 out of you skinflints then I'll put up $30. However, if we hit the $50 or over, the Ramblings staff will match the final total.

So give something. For your karma, or if only to see that stupid little thermometer get higher.

Update: My kind brother apparently gave before the charity was chosen. I'm raising the money for a 1st grade teacher to buy a rug for her classroom with a giant world map on it to show kids the countries. Ross's $20 are apparently floating around feel-good cyberspace.

Movie Trifecta in Play

Today, after seeing the Sox spank their way to the ALCS, I took in a film at the Somerville Theater. God bless local community cinemas. $7.

Eastern Promises. I won't give a very in depth review. Mostly because a friend of mine has already done a better job reviewing it than I can. It was well done. Cronenberg also did History of Violence with Viggo Mortenson and it's obvious. The film was incredibly violent, but very beautiful at the same time. It's worth a look, but you can wait for DVD.

And then came home and caught the last hour of Field of Dreams. And yes, I bawled like a baby when Costner asks his dad to play catch with him. Happens every damn time.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

If he was so super, how come he couldn't cross a river

So today brought some things, and took some others.

GPS unit was stolen out of my truck this morning. I was dumb and left it mounted. I have renter's insurance, so we'll see what happens with that. But you realize how heavily you rely on those things. I'll keep everyone updated on my next purchase and if USAA sees fit to give me some cash.

Helped some friends buy a plasma TV at Costco. I dearly love Costco. Not just because they're cheap, but the way they do business. Jim Sinegal, the CEO, answers his own phone and has the same desk he did 20 years ago. They carry less items than Sam's Club, but they choose each item they sell. They also pay more than the other guys.

Then tonight, helped my friends install said plasma TV and we then went to see Into the Wild. I read the Krakauer book. I highly recommend the read. I liked certain things about the movie, mainly the supporting cast, the cinematography, and the soundtrack. I found the story taken from McCandless's POV was quite an unsympathetic one. Sure he had a bum deal with his parents, but lots of people do and don't die in a bus in Alaska.

Sean Penn directed it and you can tell he has a kinship with the ghost of Alex Supertramp McCandless. It seems like it's going to be a coming of age story, but you realize that he doesn't really get it until the very end, at the edge of starvation and even then you're not sure. But the scenery was breathtaking and worth going to see for that alone.

But all of Alaska considers him a fool, and while it's a sad story, I tend to agree with them.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This ain't right

So I got home after a lovely night with my brother and his charming girlfriend and I saw this on

Sources: autopsies found alcohol, cocaine in fallen firefighters' systems

For those not in the Boston Area, two firefighters died fighting a fire in a Chinese restaurant. Firefighters came from all over the nation to pay their respects. Apparently some guy from the Medical Examiner's Office leaked the tox screens to the Globe. One of them was legally drunk and the other had traces of cocaine in his system.

How does this matter? They're both dead, so they can't face department sanctions. Are you going to take the pensions away from the widows? I'm all for going after yahoos who hit guys over the head with folding chairs, (Look under DOI's Examination of the Circumstances Surrounding the Assault of a Firefighter and Subsequent Cover-up at the NYC FDNY Engine Co. 151/Ladder Co. 76) but this seems a bit much.

I would argue that full disclosure here is not a good thing. It hurts morale, and far worse hurts those families who are already in incredible pain. Shame on those people that leaked this. It shows incredibly poor form.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Weekend was Good

Had a great weekend filled with accomplishments, laughs and help for the kids.

Finished the 5K. Ran the whole thing, so even though my time was poor I didn't care. I didn't die, which is all me and my PCP really cared about. Then that evening went to the Westin and had a lovely time at the CTF Gala. Gave some money to help the kids, got to dance with enchanting women and laugh a lot.

Sunday held tickets to the last regular season Sox game. (Thanks Chuck) and plenty of reading for grad school.

All in all a great weekend. Now to tackle the week, which seems to be okay. Long weekend next weekend. And while the terrorists might not get Columbus Day off, this guy does.

Oh and my Mom called me to tell me she thought I looked a lot like this guy who apparently is some sort of Professor at a Christian college or something. I can see the resemblance.