Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This ain't right

So I got home after a lovely night with my brother and his charming girlfriend and I saw this on

Sources: autopsies found alcohol, cocaine in fallen firefighters' systems

For those not in the Boston Area, two firefighters died fighting a fire in a Chinese restaurant. Firefighters came from all over the nation to pay their respects. Apparently some guy from the Medical Examiner's Office leaked the tox screens to the Globe. One of them was legally drunk and the other had traces of cocaine in his system.

How does this matter? They're both dead, so they can't face department sanctions. Are you going to take the pensions away from the widows? I'm all for going after yahoos who hit guys over the head with folding chairs, (Look under DOI's Examination of the Circumstances Surrounding the Assault of a Firefighter and Subsequent Cover-up at the NYC FDNY Engine Co. 151/Ladder Co. 76) but this seems a bit much.

I would argue that full disclosure here is not a good thing. It hurts morale, and far worse hurts those families who are already in incredible pain. Shame on those people that leaked this. It shows incredibly poor form.


Anonymous said...

What if the guys that leaked the info to the papers were from the same department? And what if those same people that leaked the story did it to stop the abuse that they witness repeatedly within their own fire house? What if....naw...unions stick together right? I agree though, leave the family out of it. Instead go after the system, not the fallen.

Hero to the Masses said...

I have no doubt that the guys that leaked the story were tired of hero worship. However I just think the timing and the families finding out from the media and not BFD was poor.