Thursday, December 19, 2013


So I like to try and concentrate on something each year, as a focus.  Sort of like a New Year's Resolution but technically it happens 18 days before NYE.  The focus of the 2013 has been the Year of the Law Enforcement (Again). I'm getting sworn in as a Reserve Police Officer tomorrow evening with the Metropolitan Police Department of DC if all goes well with the final exam tonight.  This caps off hundreds of hours of training on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturdays over 9 months.  I am glad to have that time suck behind me and to get out on patrol, so I can show my fellow rookies how to properly balance a hot coffee while going lights and siren around a corner at 50 mph.

This next year will be the Year of Fitness.

In truth, I don't know what this actually means, asides from me wanting to lose weight, gain muscle and be able to outrun fat people on Black Friday.  I have a gym investment.  Its not really a membership.  I'm more of a donor, but its a Y, so I feel good that my money is going to community projects.  I'm going to be getting a trainer and running more and you can track my progress on this blog.  If people have any ideas, I'm open to trying then.

Expect to see one of those before shots soon, with basic stats.  My girlfriend goes to the gym all the time and sometimes even does double spin classes.  She is clearly in shape and I am not.  I am a guy, which means I get to be loved for my genial personality and sense of humor, while hoping that my lady is in shape.  Though, in truth, I'm happy when she's happy, regardless of what she looks like.  It makes for a stronger relationship.

I've been a chubby kid for most of my life and have owned that title pretty well.  I lost about 50 pounds when I went through the first police academy and that gradually returned, because chasing 17 year olds after eating chicken parm sandwiches does not a fitness routine make. While I don't hate my body, I'd be happier if it was a little trimmer.  Every time I read those articles that show the guy going from Zero to Hero, it gets to the part where he eats brown rice and grilled chicken 8 times a day.  Screw that.  Life is too short to not eat ribs out of a school bus.

So I'll post my stats and goals this weekend.  Should be fun.