Friday, March 23, 2007

Today is a good day....


So my friend from Maine will keep his decrepit firehouse. The Hallowell, ME City Council agreed that it was a ridiculous idea.

I called in and took the day this morning, which is because I didn't take my Evacuation Day Holiday. It's a beautiful day on Boston. I walked up to this brunch place called the Broken Yolk and had some really good french toast. And then I took the walk back to call some pals from my NYPD days. My old partner is celebrating his 30th birthday tonight, so I'm driving down to party with him. Hopefully some of the guys might show up.

It's amazing sometimes how much one day or even a morning can help your mental health. Life is good today. It doesn't mean that there aren't issues, or that I don't have internal crap. But at this very moment, sitting on my porch in the is perfect.

Embarassing photo of Will courtesy of his wonderful and beautiful sister Wendy.

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