Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alcohol is the devil

So last night, went to to Gotham, and attended the 30th birthday party of my old partner Will. It was at this place called Kinsale, an Irish bar near my parent's house. Drank some Guiness, a few Black and Tans, did some Irish Car Bombs....

And then I got sick. I think they declared the bathroom a "Hot Zone" which means that only people on portable oxygen could go in there. I'm sorry Kinsale. That's what happens when you sell me waaay too many delicious beers. I had a great time with Will and his girlfriend and sister and the whole crew. How do you not like a group of guys with names like Blackie, Flaco, and Black Joe?

Pulled my ass out of bed and drove back home. Saw two movies off the Netflix queue tonight. First was the Illusionist. Very good. Get it if you haven't already. I enjoyed it quite a lot. The second movie was Saints and Soldiers, which was a low-budget, well done WW2 movie from 2003. It was good. For under a million bucks, it was great. So if you like this kind of stuff (Chuck), you should rent it.

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Nicole said...

Irish Car Bombs = Vom Town. Illusionist was great- did you figure it out before it was over?