Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sweet Internet Connectivity

So I'm home now. It was a great weekend and it went really fast. I am a little excited about sitting on my bed and using the internet, but it was so beautiful up there. Here are some photos.

This is the 2006 Lincoln Towncar I rented from Hertz. Granted its a car that is mostly driven by men in Florida over 65. However it's super quiet and it drives like you're floating on air. I would never buy this car, but renting it for a long drive was fine. I wanted the Caddy, but they were out. Oh, and many thanks to Chuck and Sara for picking me up from Hertz at Logan today. Good people.

This is the perfect view. Granted, you can't see much except for my shoes. Note that my feet are covered at all times. This was so comfortable though. The rest of the photos are available on Flickr, which should be accessible through a sidebar down a little ways on the right side of the screen.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


maikib said...

Love the photos... it looks beautiful! much better than the ones i've seen thus far... and they found their truck!! did you drive it and have truck envy? come on... admit it; that was what got you out there for the long weekend. but most importantly, i am oh-so-impressed that you figured out how to use flicker... and that you actually have a camera for that matter.

Hero to the Masses said...

Flickr still scares me. And the truck is a deathtrap. It has no brakes, headlights, turn signals, among other things. That's one scary ride.