Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'd just like to put in my vote for therapy. I go every week. Hell, it seems like after my parents got divorced many moons ago, that therapy would help. It didn't. Not then. I think therapy is a great experience, but only if you're ready for it. I often joke that I should set up a side business for post-therapy counseling. So when you walk out of the shrink's office after those 50 minutes going, "Holy Shit! What the hell does all this mean now??!" You can then come into my office to vent about what you just discovered.

But seriously, if you 're thinking of seeing someone, do it. And if you don't like the person, find someone else. It's a nice thing to have for 50 minutes every week. Sort of like a mental massage.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the add to the links page... i think "tree hugging granola chopping hippies" is a perfect description of the two most conversative people you know!!

maikib said...

i concur with the jumping on the therapy bandwagon. if anything, it gives you a scheduled time every week to have a guilt-free conversation (okay-- bitch session...) all about you. Not to mention, it gives your poor friends a break so that they still want to hang out with you (so I've been told...).

Anonymous said...

I vote yes for therapy too, if you're contemplating it. For example, I'd be locked in a mental asylum and only allowed to read paperbacks were it not for the 47 years of therapy I've gone through... and I'm only half-kidding.
Plus, you increase the odds your kids will turn out more sane than you, always a worthy goal.
P.S. I hear 12-step programs are free.