Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Hawaiian Jerry Richards

So this is crap gossip news.... Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman, I think on the right above) used the word "nigger" to describe his son's girlfriend. But this story has an incredibly awesome twist. He used it in a phone conversation with that son to try and warn him that son's girlfriend might hear him use the word, not understand that he means it as a casual use thing and not as a slur, and then she'd tell The Enquirer. So son tapes that conversation and sells it to who? The Enquirer.

Oh and you know those prescription drugs you have from that knee injury that you're afraid your kids might get their hands on? Reuters knows what to do. Hide your old pills in poop. I shit you not. Actual headline. Is this what Murrow fought for? And I'm pretty sure you could just throw them away without needing to feed the kitty mexican food the night after your arm feels better.

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maikib said...

Dude-- that guy's not Hawaiian.