Sunday, March 26, 2006

Greetings from Hong Kong. I'll try and post some photos. Last night I added Hong Kong to the list of countries I've gotten drunk in. Good times. Good times.

Update: Here is the link for some of the photos. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

You dirt dog. You left without telling me when you were leaving! Have a good time and don't start any international problems....
oh and bring me some paper currency back!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to leave a signature for the above message. Its the polish general. Sierra Nacho Niner Niner

maikib said...

oh my gosh, the photos are awesome.

#1: you must bring that coat back state-side. boston needs a little g-love in fur.
#2: subway kid's expression is classic. love that the punk-mullet is scared of the freaky americans.
#3: You had enough dim sum in Chinatown to know your way around a cart... remember the flower tea... (but thank god for Carol always! she must have her hands full with you rowdy, drunken boys...)