Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Happy St. Patricks Day! As I sit here in my green sweater about to go down to my local watering hole, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. On this day, everyone is Irish. Even orthodox Jews. So raise a glass lads and lasses and drink one for the old country, regardless of what country you actually came from

On a wonderful side note, this is a state Holiday in Massachusetts. It seemed the Irish Catholic politicians at the State House didn't want to be at work, and wanted to be drinking with their constituents. So they looked into it and it turns out that something else happened on March 17th. Evacuation Day. We can't have a secular holiday like St. Patty's Day off, so instead I will be pouring a little out for the Continental Army very shortly.

I love this town.

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Anonymous said...

You love this town? Never thought I'd hear you say that. You were clearly tipsy when you posted that Mr. NYC:)