Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Save a Brewery!

There is a great brewery down in Abita Springs, LA called Abita. They currently producing 45,000 barrels of beer. And it is most delicious. My favorite beer of theirs is Turbodog. A rich smokey, chocolate tasting brew.....(Sorry I lost myself right there.) It won Stuff Magazine's Beer of the Year 2005.

Anyway, Abita had a 30% market share in New Orleans before Katrina. And now, with most of the population gone, they are hurting. So I am writing this to implore you to drink some Abita. You can find distributors on their website. Most good beer stores will have it.

I am about to commence my "Abita a Day" campaign. I am doing my part to help this fine group of men and women stay afloat. My liver is also an obligatory participant. They have many varieties. I would ask you all to drink. Not for me, and not for America. Drink for a few people down in Southeastern Louisiana who had a dream one day in 1986.

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