Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tragedy in Texas

Greeting from Dallas. My friend from high school, Chris, lost his step-sister a week ago today. She died of a freak brain aneurysm while 9 months pregnant. It seems her last gift to the world was this beautiful baby boy, Hudson. I didn't know Lindsey that well, but I wish I had.

I was the only one of our friends that could make it down to Texas in time. The flight was a little expensive, but one of us needed to be there and this time it was me. The memorial service was yesterday at the Dallas Arboretum and it was obvious by the attendance that Linds left a lot of sad people missing her very much. I've been awed by the family that has come together. I use family here in the most open way, both blood, marriage, and corporate.

Now, as her husband Chad is left to care for his son, miracles are happening. Gifts pour in every day. Food is brought by Lindsey's co-workers every night with no end in sight. The family and friends noticed that the house next to theirs was for sale. So today, they decided to buy it. All of them. To share it, and allow them to have a place to stay when they all came to visit Chad and Hudson. They did this because as one man today said, "It's the right thing to do."

I only hope that I can be the person that so many people have been this past weekend. It has been awe inspiring and has taught me that friends are family and they should be loved very much. To all my friends, I am very appreciative and blessed. I love you all.

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