Sunday, October 07, 2007

If he was so super, how come he couldn't cross a river

So today brought some things, and took some others.

GPS unit was stolen out of my truck this morning. I was dumb and left it mounted. I have renter's insurance, so we'll see what happens with that. But you realize how heavily you rely on those things. I'll keep everyone updated on my next purchase and if USAA sees fit to give me some cash.

Helped some friends buy a plasma TV at Costco. I dearly love Costco. Not just because they're cheap, but the way they do business. Jim Sinegal, the CEO, answers his own phone and has the same desk he did 20 years ago. They carry less items than Sam's Club, but they choose each item they sell. They also pay more than the other guys.

Then tonight, helped my friends install said plasma TV and we then went to see Into the Wild. I read the Krakauer book. I highly recommend the read. I liked certain things about the movie, mainly the supporting cast, the cinematography, and the soundtrack. I found the story taken from McCandless's POV was quite an unsympathetic one. Sure he had a bum deal with his parents, but lots of people do and don't die in a bus in Alaska.

Sean Penn directed it and you can tell he has a kinship with the ghost of Alex Supertramp McCandless. It seems like it's going to be a coming of age story, but you realize that he doesn't really get it until the very end, at the edge of starvation and even then you're not sure. But the scenery was breathtaking and worth going to see for that alone.

But all of Alaska considers him a fool, and while it's a sad story, I tend to agree with them.


Willett said...

Susan got hers stolen recently as well. Quite the hot item to steal of late:

Tory Davis said...

Dude, CostCo is awesome. There are enough free samples to make a nearly complete lunch (and the hot dogs they sell are delicious), and their CEO flies coach. They pay their workers something like $18 an hour with healthcare, too.
I feel better spending money at a place where the workers are treated well- otherwise what's the point of living in America? Suck it, Walmart.