Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate Good Times

First, to all Knick fans, Christmas came early last week. I was so happy to see this happen, but sadly he was in for far too long. Apparently that internet petition I signed last year did some good. I'm kind of a big deal.

In other news, I went to North Adams, MA for work today. If you don't know where that is, it's here.

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I could have spat on both New York and Vermont. Yeah, its far. And the best part is getting to drive out there through all these smaller towns, like Charlemont, Florida, Peru and Savoy. Massachusetts isn't a very large state, but there are very different parts of it. While it can be a total pain in the ass to get to some of them, it's always fascinating to me to drive through it and watch it all change outside the window.

Finally, congrats to my friends Lisa, Anne and Jodi on running and completing the Boston Marathon. You ran 26.2 miles in an event that caused the original participant to die. You are very impressive.


Anonymous said...

did you enjoy the hairpin turn in N Adams? for some reason, every time someone mentions North Adams, they also mention the hair pin turn.... which i always that was random.

alohab said...

Oddly, I have actually been to North Adams, and I have not been to many places on the east coast. Actually, this is probably the only place I've ever been in MA.