Tuesday, March 08, 2011


This is Seattle, Washington.  I've now been here three times.  Twice for pleasure and once for work.  Allow me to go over a few things from this city.
  • It rains here.  You knew that.  But you probably didn't know that the rain usually only lasts about 20 or 30 minutes and then passes.  So while its a place to carry an umbrella, it's not some sort of depressing, always raining wasteland. The Boston Globe actually posted instructions on how to build an ark after 14 days of straight rain in my former home.
  • If you come here, and you like cheeseburgers and you might like bacon on your cheeseburger, you must stop at the Red Mill.  They have a stack of bacon.  It looks like this. And it's the most amazing bacon you have ever tasted on another piece of meat.  I wouldn't lie to you.  I promise.  The onion rings are tasty.  Cash only, hipsters.
  • The Space Needle is cool.  But it costs $18 a person.  Save the money.  Instead, hit up the ferry to Bainbridge Island for $7.10 per person round trip and get an awesome view.  I'll post some photos of that when I get home.  But it's way cool. 
  • My favorite bar there is the Bookstore Bar in Downtown.  It's super cozy and they have a great happy hour with full-sized entrees for $5.  Be careful though.  I came here with clients last week and thought I'd buy some drinks to be friendly (note: I was using MY money,  not the company's) and when I searched my pockets through the dull fog the next morning, found a credit card slip for $135.  So it can add up.  I will expound on my cop tip for drinking with lots of friends in another post. 
  • And if you are looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend the Arctic Club, which is actually an old club in downtown that they renovated and now flies under the Doubletree/Hilton flag.  So you get the warm cookie.  The rooms are great and if you're gold or diamond with Hilton, you get free breakfast.  Good times.  And their mascot is a walrus. 
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