Sunday, March 27, 2011

Posting from 30,000 Feet

I have to admit a compulsion to send emails or blog whenever I'm in a vehicle that's traveling.  A bus, or a plane.  In this particular case, it happens to be an Airbus A321 on US Airways.  I was lucky enough to have first class on the flight from DCA to Charlotte, but this leg is packed and I am a lowly Silver elite member, so no dice this segment.  I do however have a seat in 9E, which is pretty cool. 

While US Air does have Gogo Wifi on it's A321 fleet, they do not however have power outlets, meaning that I will run out of juice about halfway through this 5 hour and 35 minute flight.  Boo US Air.  Also, allow me to crap on you for not offering any snacks in coach.  Not even pretzels.  Given that my flight r/t cost about $600, it seems a few starchy grains aren't too much to ask for. 

But still, blogging from the sky is pretty cool.  Talk to you from the Left Coast, my friends.


nicole said...

i KNEW you were going to blog about being online on the plane. :)

Hero to the Masses said...

I was handflapping when I did it too.