Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm on South Beach

Not in Miami, but in my kitchen 

I'm on the second week of the acclaimed South Beach Diet, which is a 3-phase test.  The first phase lasts two weeks and denies me:
  • Carbs
  • Fruit
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
This, I'll admit sounds terrible.  But when you're able to eat a bacon and cheese omelet in the morning, it's okay.  I will admit it's weird eating deli meats out of the container and not in a sandwich.  I feel like a kid in Lord of the Flies as ham falls off my chin.  Salads are my friend.  Especially when you can have chef's salads and buffalo chicken salads.  Feels wrong, but it is sooo right. 

And the drinking thing isn't too tough.  Except for this past Saturday when I attended a wedding.  Now at the risk of sounding like a member of a 12-step program,  let me say that weddings without booze aren't much fun.  Everyone is drinking, hell the toasts require a drink.  I relied on the old AA standby of club soda with a lime.  Looks like a gin and tonic, but in no way does it smell or taste like a gin and tonic. 

And to top it all off, my bathroom scale is broken.  Well, that's somewhat inaccurate.  It works, but it just gives about 2-3 different amounts for your weight when you step on it.  But I have stepped on the scale a week into the diet and averaged the results from both weeks and it looks like I'm losing weight, even though I don't feel like it. 

I will clear Phase 1 just in time for a trip to Chicago, so I can have pizza and a hot dog in a bun at Wrigley, so I don't look like some freak. 


Kimber said...

Pizza Uno's.


Trade places with you?!

Hero to the Masses said...

Ah my friend, you have opened the pandora's box of Chicago pizza discussions. At first I was a Geno's East fan, but then I learned to love Lou Malnatti's. Uno's is my favorite deep dish outside Chicago. Anyway you cut it, I love me some pizza.

Anonymous said...

Lou Malnattis. Yum. Another great one is Marcellos in near north-- but their greatness is in the super crispy thin crust-- seems sacrilegious for Chi-town, but oh so good.