Sunday, November 20, 2011

Final Day in Budapest


I'd apologize for not blogging more.  But I'm not really sorry.  Very rarely while walking around, or being out at dinner, or cuddling in bed, did the words "I really should blog now" come out of my mouth.  Alas, I thought I would write on our final day in the Pest.  Technically I can say this, as we are on the Pest side.  Tomorrow morning, Lufthansa takes us back to the Motherland at 6AM, before we get on a flight operated by Continited for the final leg home. 

The last few days have seen bathing in the public baths, which really are quite awesome.  Then we saw where they put all the communist statues after the communists were kicked out and then we saw the HQ of the Secret Police (both Nazi and Communist) Chuck, I did buy you something and it's on the way shortly. 

Today we're going to check out Parliament and the Great Synagogue, second only in size to my personal favorite and site of many barmitzvahs, Temple Emanu-el in NYC.  First though, to get some breakfast and a cappucino.

Coolest thing:  A good friend of Ross's has a vineyard here and he had two bottles of wine dropped off at the hotel.  So that's awesome.  Sauska Vineyards.  Funniest part was the guy called from downstairs and Allyson picked up the phone after 11 (We were watching Sons of Anarchy) and he kept saying in a whisper voice "I have your package." She thought it was a pervert.  Thanks Christian!

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Kimber said...


Now I'm going to dial up people and tell them "I have your package." The holiday's sure are going to be fun.

Sounds like a great trip and hope you two had loads of fun.