Sunday, January 05, 2014

YOF #1

Weekly Weigh-In: 233 lbs. 

Either I have been too busy toning my physique to blog or the Year of Fitness has gotten off to a slow start.  Tens of readers, it was the latter.  I cannot lie to you.  Between the holidays and my birthday and my general dislike of exercise I have gotten off to a poor start.

But today, January 5th, I went to the Y.  I spent 30 minutes on the eliptical and apparently burned 450 calories.  I don't believe that stat.  One, because how the hell does this machine which is showing my Maury (He's not the father, by the way) know how many units of heat I'm burning.  Secondly, its depressing knowing that 30 minutes of work was two bites of pizza.

So I planned to do a before photo.  You know the kind with the fat rolls and the frowns.  That will happen, but not right away.  I'm looking to get an Italian hero in the photo to highlight the gluttony. I've got a wellness consultation with the Y tomorrow.  I'm expecting to hear from them that I'm not very well.

In addition to my gym exploration today, I also had the chance to dine with Allyson and my friend Caitlin, up from Boston.  I met Caitlin years ago at a college fair where we volunteered for our alma mater.   We kept in touch since and I always give when she runs Boston for Team in Training. She's done 9 of them so far.  Anyway, she's awesome and it was great hanging out tonight for a bit.  If peeps want to help her out by giving to TNT, you can give here.

I will report back about the wellness consultation tomorrow.

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