Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Dream Deferred

So asides from being a police officer, I always wanted to work at an airport. Yeah, I know it's dirty and subject to climate change, but it always tugged at the heartstrings. So I was surfing the Web, and found a Jet Blue job in provisioning at Logan. This is basically the guy who restocks the plane with drinks and food. get to drive the carts and stuff, which is what I've always wanted to do. was part time.

I thought I had found the perfect second job. So I applied and I got called. I was so excited...only to find out that they need you available at all times because there is no set schedule. I'm not sure the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts would like me calling in to go push airplanes back from the gate.

I'm crushed. I was so excited to lug bags around. I am a freak I know.


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you could still work this job... your state job only takes up about 2, maybe 3 hrs of your day, right?

Anonymous said...

Cracker-- If you promise not to tell anyone, I always wanted to work at the post office. I want to sort the mail. The idea of taking a chaotic mass of paper and putting each piece in its correct little cubbyhole... something about that seems satisfying beyond words. Weird, right? xoxo, Tory