Monday, June 19, 2006


So this weekend I went out on a quick trip to the San Francisco to visit my friends Montu and Casey. It was a great trip, though far too short. I came back this morning on the red-eye. I flew Jet Blue on their Airbus A320, in the back of the plane which has more room. They have a promotion with Bliss Spa, so I got earplugs and an eye mask.

But you can't deny that the red-eye is no fun. I got 4 hours sleep, tops. And I left work early, because I was incoherent. Not recommended. Berkley however is very recommended. As is the best burger chain in the nation.

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Anonymous said...

I like to think that when God created the earth She woke up hungry after that day of rest and made In-N-Out Burger on Day 8. Mmmmn, just more proof that California is actually God's country, not Maine.