Sunday, February 11, 2007

Set the bar low and trip over it...

So the Celtics have dropped 18 straight, with tonights loss to the Timberwolves. This is a franchise record. These guys are awful. The record number of straight losses in a single season is currently held by 1996 Vancouver (Memphis) Grizzlies, at 23. This was their first year as a franchise, so I cut them a little slack. This year marks the Celts 60th year in play.

I say, let's be first at being last. Let's shatter that previous record of dubious distinction. We deserve it. At least we can be in the record books for something.

They should be ashamed of charging for seats. Seriously


The Ten Angry Men said...

Know whats really sad? Driving thru LA and listening to sports radio talk about how the local franchise beat boston last week, "the worst team in the league" and still not sure if they are talking aobut the Celtics or the bruins.

Anonymous said...

I didnt think anyone watched pro basketball anymore....When does the NCAA mens tournament start?