Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Welcome back sports fans. I apologize. I was out of town for the last 10 days. Last week I was down in Maryland learning how to better fight terror and all about the "New FEMA." Boring.

Let's cut to the chase....

Sin City baby. I was there this past weekend for my dear friend's 30th birthday. It's now time for a TRIP REPORT!!!!

I left Boston on Friday on American Airlines and needed to connect in Dallas. The flights were both full, as is the norm nowadays. My flight from DFW to Vegas was shared with my friend and members of her family, though I was blocked by a large older woman in the aisle who kept her hands folded on her prodigious belly.

We arrived and went to our hotel, New York New York, which made me laugh. I mean the place has a roller coaster going through it. See below for an example...

That's the Empire State Building on the left and the Chrysler Building on the right

This was my first time in Vegas, and it was something. Expensive and a little off. It's like Orlando, but with a dirty soul. It is a lot of glitz, but sort of reminds me of the really loud guy with the poor self-esteem. I rode the Monorail to the end of the strip, which always makes me think of the Simpsons Episode. Anyway, the Monorail isn't that popular as it runs behind the Strip and thus you miss the glitz and glamour. But there right after the Bally's stop, I found it. The Stage Door Casino. There's only one review on Yelp, because I found it. What made me smile and know I'd love it was this sign, which I read from the air.

I mean seriously? They have 23 years left on their lease? I knew this meant that in 23 short years, this place would be history and replaced by Steve Wynn condos. And that would be a crime, because you can't get this at any condo. The Monorail tracks are above this place. Now I know you're thinking big deal. Hot dog, beer and some video poker. That 1/4 hot dog and Miller Lite set yours truly back $2.50 cents. Dollar dogs and $1.5o beers. It's like the owner went nuts and gives this stuff away, while 400 feet away at the Bally hotel bar that same beer would be $6. And the place was full of workers for their lunch break, which made Vegas seem real finally, which is when I turned the corner on this place.

I gotta go to another post, as dragging these photos down is killing me.

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