Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Mental Health Day

Yesterday, I took the day off and allow me to list the wondrous things I accomplished on Tuesday.

1) I woke up at a reasonable hour.
2) Went shopping and bought a power strip and A Few Good Men for a steal at Best Buy.
3) Got my motorcycle learners permit.
4) Got a pork taco and a pupusa from Tacos Lupita.
5) Read a book on my porch while drinking a nice glass of orchata
6) Had a nice dinner outside and then saw The Prestige.

With the exception of the fact that I didn't like the movie in step 6, it was almost a perfect day. I really love days that I got a lot of different stuff done. As for the people who want to know about the learner's permit, my plan was just to get the manual. However, the lady gave me the manual and the ticket for the line which was probably about an hour. So I figured I could study while I waited. I did and I passed. Now I'm just waiting for Chuck to join me and we can go here to become real men.


Anonymous said...

i don't understand... you don't have a motorcycle... so you have a permit but nothing to ride.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh.

"Pork taco."


Nishantha said...

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Anonymous said...

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