Sunday, August 12, 2007

Detroit will never be the same

Ladies and Gentlemen, the brothers descended on Motor City and wreaked havoc. And if that weren't enough, we went to Windsor, Ontario and gambled, drank, and perhaps saw some boobies. The highlights of the trip....
  1. I have to say here that seeing my brother so happy, and getting the chance to marry him and his wife was really the best. It was a nice short ceremony that I have no photos of as I was talking the whole time.
  2. The NAFTA Shot. In honor of our trip to Canada, and in celebration of the NAFTA Agreement, we made Broxton drink a shot of ingredients from all the three nations. 1) Tequila from Mexico 2) Tabasco from the U.S. 3) Bacon Bits from Canada. I wanted to float a slice of Canadian Bacon on the top, but the waiter wasn't down with my genius. Here is a shot of that glorious drink.
  3. My younger brother, Ross, forgot which car rental agency he made the reservation at. We were already at Hertz when he realized this, and Hertz had never heard of my brother and didn't care for the excessive amount of product in his hair. So I reserved the biggest thing they had, G-Diddy style. A 2007 Lincoln Navigator. Awww yeah son. It ate gas like a mofo, but I had to dim the lights and cap some fools, this would be my vehicle of choice.
  4. We got pulled over by Birmingham's finest, and I didn't get a ticket. Always appreciate a little professional courtesy from fellow terror fighters.
It was a really nice weekend. The highlight I would guess would be a tie between driving the Navigator and getting two slow dances with a very nice girl from Pittsburgh. I think when you're with someone you can forget how nice a slow dance with someone other than your mother can be.

I'm back for a few days before I fly out again to .... The City of Bridges. Any guesses as to where that is?


Anonymous said...

I am sure you are happy to report that no Animals were hurt during the production!

Anonymous said...

City of Bridges??? Isn's that where Todd is from? "I Don't Know Butchy Instead..."

Anonymous said...

Why are you going to Boston? Don't you live in boston?

Hero to the Masses said...

I do live in Boston. Who is this?

And who the hell is Todd?