Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good Dinner

So I'm still reeling from my favorite movie experience of recent months.... God that was good stuff.

So today, I was thinking about the fact that The Guy Before The Guy is now 4 for 4. The last lady has found love recently, which is really great for her. She told me that sometimes when you want something it just happens. I told her I wanted Keira Knightly to show up at my door in a Broncos jersey and a Double-Double Animal Style. Still waiting, sports fans. So I was a little down, but I had a dinner tonight planned with a guy I haven't seen since my elementary school in 8th grade.

A little bit here about my elementary school. It was like where WASPS were bred. It valued winning and homogeneity above difference and effort. It was probably the worst place for a kid like me to go to school. I made some good friends, but overall it was a horror movie. And the guy I was meeting was in the "in-crowd" there. Was a good athlete, a real golden child.

So we got to talking about how we wound up in Boston from New York, and about school. And he was actually the one who said "I think all of us have permanent scars from that place." We laughed about how some of our classmates still live in that bubble because it's all they've known, and how we're happy we're in Boston and making our own way. It was really good. Therapeutic in some senses. It felt good to have him validate how upside down that place was. We did PFI (President's Fitness Initiative) every week. I thought it was normal to get timed climbing a rope affixed to the ceiling every Wednesday morning. Only in college did I find that PFI, which now the President's Fitness Challenge, was not mandatory. I'm looking forward to hanging out with this guy and his wife.

So it went from a so-so day to a good night. Maybe things do happen when you want them to.


Tory Davis said...

But Cracker, think about what a public service you're providing for the ladies! You really raise the bar as The Guy Before The Guy~ you're such a catch that through your good lovin' you esssentially guarantee that the lady will end up with a quality man who treats her like a queen.

Hmmm, ok I guess I could see how that seems great from the ladies' perspective but maybe not so awesome for you...

Hero to the Masses said...

It's okay. I seem to be a public servant even in my private life too. There better be a handicapped spot in Heaven right near the Cracker Barrel.

Nicole said...

Now all of a sudden you're blogging secretly? I was confused- Hero to the Masses seems to write your blog too!

Hero to the Masses said...

Yeah....It's not so much a secret. I just thought that if you googled my name, it probably wouldn't be the best thing for some people to see.