Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Doings

So this weekend was full of fun and not fun, near and far.

Friday night saw me hanging out in Poughkeepsie with my friend Vinnie, who's a firefighter with Arlington. Always a good time. He and I are good friends, but you wouldn't have thought so when we first met. Our personal lives have followed the others closely with the peaks and the valleys. We always end up talking about life in his basement around some Michelob Lights. And there's no place I would rather be.

Saturday morning I was at the old alma mater. They were taking photos of donors who have apparently given large sums proportionally. I guess they thought the government salary was a a gimme. I had a really interesting talk with a woman from Development about what I see as a new way to look at raising money and connecting with alumnae. Hope that works out, because I got really excited about it. I'd write more, but I'm kind of spent.

Last night was a surprise party for my good friend Steve. He turned 30 and it was a shared party for him and his Dad in the Nutmeg State. Good times. Drank, hung out, saw the Sox get spanked and not quickly. Got to experience the joys of a Hilton Garden Inn. Good times.

Today was pretty crappy. For a few reasons, the biggest one personal. Did laundry, and started on a paper. I did fix myself a nice cocktail and watch Blood Diamond. That movie proves two things. First, my whole thing about wooden engagement rings is a social justice movement. Second, I want Jennifer Connelly to have my babies.

But even when the chips are down, sometimes there are signs that I'm not meant to stay down forever. I'm not saying life is great tonight. But I'm saying that thanks to these guys here, it's a little easier.


Anonymous said...

To quote an oh so wise man "I don't know why this world keeps turning, round and round, but I wish it would stop and let me off right now."

Okay, maybe Eminem isn't oh so wise, but there are times this song feels oh so appropriate. But the song ends. Whatever.

Tory Davis said...

I've never been a big fan of engagement rings~ why is the woman marked as "taken" but the man wears nothing until the wedding day? In Persian culture there's a sweet ceremony where a couple become officially engaged and both wear engagement rings; that sounds fair.
But after I saw Blood Diamond, that cemented it. I don't want people to suffer so I can have bling. Check out this site, Cracker:
Maybe someday you'll find a lady who doesn't view a wooden ring as cheap!

maikib said...

I love vinnie.

maikib said...

p.s. jennifer already has babies... with a hot brit. not that you're not hot. but you're no brit... who played a tennis player (extra hot) in a really boring moving about tennis (still hot). but since i love tennis, i decided to overlook the boring-ness for the hot-ness.