Sunday, May 04, 2008

This game will be the death of me

So what do you do on a rainy weekend in Boston. Well, if you have Grand Theft Auto IV, you play it a lot. I'm from NYC as most know and that's the setting for the game. They spent a lot of time making it really realistic. I just got access to Manhattan in the game, so I've enjoyed exploring the old haunts. They even included Harlem Hospital, god bless their hearts. Here's actual game footage from a helicopter you can "borrow."

And when I wasn't doing that, I was reading The Power Broker, which is only 1344 pages. But a great read if you want to know more about Robert Moses. The guy did a lot, but really comes off as a complete prick.

Finally tonight I went to the grocery store, which means it's time for this weeks grocery oddity. You'll recall that last time it was the Kraft Bagelful, which is the toastable bagel that has cream cheese inside. I'd give that product a B. And today I chose for my dining pleasure...

Jimmy Dean's mini sausages wrapped in small blueberry pancakes. I originally wanted to go for the pancake wrapped sausage on a stick. Sort of a breakfast corn dog, but I thought I would have gotten funny looks from the girl buying steamed frozen veggies next to me. Not like the mini sausages are better for you. I will review those early this week.


NTBS said...

If this thing wasn't banned over here, I'd have gone out immediately and bought a 360. Which would have been followed shortly thereafter by my being fired and then deported.

How do they handle ground zero?

Anonymous said...

That is just great, It is so realistic, especially the part at the Newark Airport, you know, the part with the helicopter that couldn't get out....I feel like that every time I visit NJ!