Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where'd he go?

So I was a faithful blogger my whole time down in Paraguay and then I sort of fell off. This happens when things life and laundry get in the way. But how do I not sum up the end of the trip.

So flew business class from Buenos Aires to Miami for a total of 9 hours in heaven. AA is very proud of their new business class. You can see their gushing publicity for it here. Now, the entertainment was broken for a few hours and my reading light didn't work. I find that nowadays when things like this happen, they don't fix them. They instead "reset" the system over and over until it works or not. I don't call this a solution as it seems like something I could do.

However, my biggest distress was that they ran out of the pumpkin risotto. I opted for the lamb with a glass of Malbec. Now mind you that this is a red-eye, so I really just wanted to sleep. At 6'4" the whole extra room thing is a premium. So, here I am pushing the button making the seat lie-flat. Here's what the seat looks like. So now I'm lying flat and it turns out I end up tossing and turning as much as I did in the exit row on the way down. It felt like sleeping in a coffin. I also don't sleep on my back which I think is the way to sleep. So it was not the 8 hours of good sleep I had hoped for, but it was worth it for the service. I have to work on that when traveling to Hong Kong to visit the brother.

So I made it to Miami and my luggage went to Chicago. Though it's not AA's fault, but Tam. Tam is perhaps the worst airline in the Americas. The AA luggage guy was all "Maybe it made the connection and just got put somewhere" and then he saw the Tam baggage claim and actually laughed. I have a thought with lost luggage. I think you should get frequent flier miles for wherever your bag goes. I bet that would stop my bag being sent all over creation.

While at Miami, hung out at the Admirals Club, waiting for the connection. If you fly at least 6 times a year, these clubs are awesome. They offer a haven from the screaming masses. I took a shower at the Miami Admirals Club. That was better than sex.

So I'm back and catching up on all sorts of stuff. Hope all is well with my 4 readers out there.


The Ten Angry Men said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip, but our experiences with AA are not so pleasant. Hellish, actually.

Hero to the Masses said...

Sorry to hear that. I think everyone has that airline they hate. Mine happens to be Delta. More specifically Comair.

Tory Davis said...

It is rare that a shower is better than sex, but that happened to me recently too.
After having my wallet and passport stolen in the airport bathroom in Puerto Vallarta, being sent to the *wrong* American consulate and having to cross the border in Tijuana ON FOOT (I'll be vacationing in a 1st world nation next time, thanks), the shower I took after getting home to L.A. was a cleansing, soothing, rebirthing into my sweet American self experience that was the best thing ever.
Sex could not compare. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Complain, complain, complain!!!! Try flying in Super economy on American, it is worse then getting hit in the face with a shovel!