Friday, September 05, 2008

Massachusetts is safe once more

So yesterday at 10AM, having gotten 2 hours of sleep, I was woken up and told that we were being pulled back to MA for then Hurricane Hanna. She's since gotten remarried and changed her name. So I got packed and back on a flight. Got into Boston around 9:30PM and went home. Took a long hot shower and then went to bed.

Don't really know if I'm going to be needed this weekend for tropical storm duty. Stay tuned. I'm going to post some photos from my time down in Baton Rouge for people. Give me a sec. I've got laundry and a lot of sleep still on my plate.


Anonymous said...

Me and Guard Man are doing laundry tonight, it is the only thing keeping me awake!!!

Hero to the Masses said...

Have fun tonight. You boys sure do know how to party. I miss you crazy kids.