Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paradise Is

So I finally have gotten the time to write about my 18 hours in Hawaii or at least post some photos. The first two photos I took on the beach they took me to before my flight on Monday. Here is what I term the Allen Album cover, with Aloha holding Makena and Noa with Nanea.

Then I had to take a photo of my feet in the Pacific Ocean. It was one of the few touristy things I did.

I hope everyone has a great three-day weekend. For those of you working over the weekend, I thank you. I'll drink to you.


Anonymous said...

Question on the second photo, Why are you wearing socks in the water?

maikib said...

i love the album cover! can i have a copy for my hall-o-family?

Hero to the Masses said...

Sure. I'll send it to you. And to commenter #1, those are my feet. My skin is the color of printer paper.