Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

As I sit in the US Air Club in the Philadelphia Airport, waiting for my tin can to leave for DCA, I had some thoughts.  Not that anyone hopefully is home and reading this at 8PM.

  • When on a plane, don't mention things you learn from airport firefighters.  The guy in the seat behind me asked why they had to close their shades for takeoff and landing.  The FA said it was airline policy.  I turned around and said it was so that firefighters could see where the fire and injuries were, so they could use the piercing nozzle correctly and put out the fire.  
  • Never get into the game with your partner of "who cares less," which sounds a lot like this song by Ben Folds Five. Eventually you both play bad cop enough to make the other person really think you don't care, when in fact all you're trying to do is make the other person care. The result is two people disconnected, which is a little awkward.  
  • Bailey's and coffee is genius.  Even though I drink decaf now because Allyson says I have the "jimmy leg" which I think is a made up term, it still tastes like warm heaven.  Thank you, booze gods, for making my body more flexible before I get onto the worst plane in the history of the world.  And one, mind you, that doesn't even stop at a gate at DCA.  I have to take a bus.  The most inhuman of all transportation.  

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Anonymous said...

wait.. i thought you liked buses?