Monday, January 07, 2013

So far January is Kicking Ass

So January of 2013 is one week old and it's looking pretty good so far.  Let's go over 2013 so far....

  • A Job: So it looks like I'll be employed by the end of the month, with a full-time job.  I'll be working for a company that is contracted to a federal agency, managing a 24/7/365 Operations Center.  I'll explain a little more once my offer letter is signed, but clearly gaining a paycheck and full-time employment is a great way to start the year.  I've not been working for 4 months and so it will be really nice to return to an office and to have some managerial opportunities.  Also, this means that I have free range for the next three weeks to play video games and explore DC with no guilt.  Awesome.  
  • Exploring Stand Up: So I decided to take the plunge and try open mic stand up.  After hearing from lots of people that I should do it, I thought I might give it a shot.  I think I had been hesitant because I enjoy humor a lot, but never wanted it to really feel like a job.  When you're a comedian, that's what you do and people approach you differently.  When you're a state employee, people really have none of those expectations.  My first gig this this Thursday night at a Kimpton Hotel for 3 minutes, so if I bomb, it can't last that long.  
  • Live Music: So went to the 9:30 Club for the first time on Saturday which is a medium-sized venue about 8 blocks from our place.  We saw Delta Rae, Jillette Johnson and the Wildfeathers. It had been awhile since I'd seen a show, and it was awesome.  The sound at the venue is terrific and it's just the right size.  We will surely be back.  But Delta Rae, who are from Durham, NC (Duke still sucks), were awesome and their energy was infectious.  Liz Hopkins (@BatSparkles) was awesome.  
So that's been the first week of January.  I really can't wait for the next few.  We've got a trip to Munich coming up, seeing friends up and down the East Coast, and some Kiva events.  Good stuff indeed.  Happy New Year everybody!

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maikib said...

awesome on all fronts!