Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is why I'm a city kid I just finished watching High Tension and I nearly crapped my pants. The movie is a true slasher flick that starts in a farmhouse in the French Countryside. Farms at night scare the crap out of me. Night is when all the monsters and escaped mental patients come out.

In the city....there are no monsters. Sure we have kid touchers and drug dealers....but they're real and therefore not going to show up in my closet. Unlike the one-armed guy with an axe. So see the movie. Oh and guys....the main female character engages in a little self-gratification, if you know what I mean. I really hope you do.

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Anonymous said...

you wimp. if you would ever venture out into the country you would realize that there are no one armed axe murders in the country... just a couple of Polish farmers with an angry disposition (which is quite scary in itself, but not nearly as scary as the drunks reeking of urine down on Causeway St).