Sunday, May 21, 2006

Being single

So I've been thinking....probably because I'm going to a wedding next weekend. My friends Sam and Lizzie are getting married in Western Mass this coming weekend, and I couldn't be more happy. I love them both, and they are truly both my friends. Though, as another of my high school friends gets ready to tie the knot, I get a little wistful.

I'm not exactly worried or panicked. I don't have a calendar that tells me when I need to get hitched by. I just wonder if I'll ever meet that person. Now, the issue of finding the right person is much larger than a blog entry and obviously hasn't been solved by my therapist, so I'm not expecting any revelations.

I just wonder if I'll find that person and know. I thought I knew....but then I dived that plane into the ground, thereby ending that. So do we get second chances? Does it really happen when you're not looking for it to? (In that case, I'm pretty sure this blog entry isn't helping.)
Who knows? My friends who are married are awesome, and I do get worried at being the third wheel. Especially up here in Massachusetts. It seemed that my cop friends in New York were married, but never really "married."

I'm just thinking that at some point, this little burp on the internet will be a interesting footnote as I look back at my life. Hopefully with someone, but perhaps as a bachelor too. That uncle who spoils your kids rotten because he doesn't have to keep them.

I once thought I could write a relationship book entitled, "Watch out for this guy! " Maybe I'll shop it around.

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