Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A great day for a wedding.....

So as I told you before, my friends Sam and Lizzie got married this weekend in Great Barrington, MA. It was a great ceremony and I got to hold the chupah. It was a jewish wedding, and the chupah is a canopy under which the bride and groom are married. It symbolizes the home. So myself and my friends Ben, Nick and Chris all held up the chupah. Waka gave a nice reading, which is appropriate as he is the thespian.

A beautiful couple on a beautiful day. It was so much fun to get back together with the boys. Really got to do that more often. For those looking to marry people, you can become a brother in the cloth like me. You get ordained as a Reverend. Due to the fact that I married people once, I became a Most Reverend when I bought my "Wedding in a Box" kit.

Be warned that there are tax implications....and no you cannot stop paying taxes because your home is a church. And why do I always look so dumb in every photo.


maikib said...

oh goodness... i would hope that the nypd accountant would be able to find a loophole to claim your part-time preaching as a some sort of tax break... start conducting online sermons... maybe this blog can be recognized as a medium of worship.

Hero to the Masses said...

I do tend to my flock through this site. I am your savior.