Sunday, May 21, 2006

The longest drive...

Sorry about the lack of posting. Though I'm not really sure who I'm apologizing to. I'm not quite sure anyone reads this. I was down at the National Emergency Training Center last week. This is where FEMA's National Emergency Management Agency is housed. It's quite pretty. And I escaped the flooding that plagued the home state. However, Friday was our travel day back to the great Commonwealth.

This also happened on Friday

Some yahoo decided to roll his tanker of highly flammable methane across all three lanes of I-90 Westbound. So that made my trip a total of 11 hours. I also had to drop Chuck's monkey ass off at home. Though Sarah did make a mean pizza, so it was well worth the trip.

Once again, the federal government screwed me.


maikib said...

Wow-- the drought has ended and then some. (haha-- pun unintentional... i crack myself up. note the intentional use of the word, "myself."). Luckily not to much work happened in MD... but then again, that probably made the drive a bit more unbearable... with the [presumed] hangover and all.

Anonymous said...

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