Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dinner and more

So tonight I had dinner with these two delightful couples. Sam and Lizzie and Chuck and Sara. Both married, and good friends. We ate at a place called Vinny's at Night, which literally is Vinny's Deli at night. There is a small room in the back and they have some awesome italian food. So thanks for Sam and Lizzie for the find.

I was thinking about my friends up in Boston and how many of them are couples. And since I got here, a bunch of people have moved or are thinking about moving. This is quite the issue for me, as I am very close to my friends. However, I need to remember that a married couple has two people to make decisions, and not three. So we'll see how everything all shakes out. It's getting harder to replenish the friends though. My brother is a good start, when he's willing to get his lazy ass on the T.

Enough serious talk....check out one of my favorite Senate nutjobs Ted Stevens being impaled on last night's Daily Show.

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Anonymous said...

we need to check out this restaurant sometime