Sunday, August 20, 2006


Just saw K-Fed at the end of the Teen Choice awards. It was his first live appearance. It was so bad it made the baby jesus cry.


Here is the video of it, with horrific intro by trailer trash wife. This is for those of you who won't admit to watching the Teen Choice Awards.

Word to your mother.


maikib said...

kfed is never a good idea...

like the new template.

Anonymous said...

Dear KD,

Never perform again. You suck like no one else has ever sucked. Hiphop mixed with Rock and Roll? More like no talent hack riding on the coattails of your wife. Seriously. Give up now lest you go the way of a Mr. Vanilla Ice.


maikib said...

does brittany ever stop with the gum??

Hero to the Masses said...

AAHH! The Ear Goggles they do nothing!