Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone heard of this place?

So there's this store called Trader Joe's and I went there today after work. I'vd been before, but only once a looong time ago in California with Mikie. So I went there to stock the old pantry and they had some great stuff. I bought some salad, and some cool frozen entrees, like Chicken Satay and Mandarin Chicken and some Pad Thai...with Chicken.

Geez, that's a lot of chicken. They didn't take American Express however, which I have to get someone on. Perhaps Montu can speak to them for me.

Oh, and if you're interested in an update on the cell phone story, American Airlines called my boss's boss today and told her they had it in Newark. Someone turned it in. Thank God I reported it missing, otherwise that could have been awkward...

Boss lady: Graham, are you missing something?
BL: Are you sure?
G: Uhhh, yeah?
BL: How about a phone?
G: Oh, that! Riiight...I was going to tell you about that.


Anonymous said...

why is your whole links section titled "nicole"? do you have a crush on me?

Hero to the Masses said...

1) I made a mistake when putting your link in.

2) And yes, I do have a major crush on you.

Anonymous said...

I usually get the Indian Simmer Sauce or Masala Sauce and throw it over a can of their chickpeas over some rice. Or their tuna in yellow curry over tice as well. Ditto with their Thai Green Curry Sauce. Simmer some veggies and prawns in that action and watch the ladies come running.

Sometimes I eat their nut mixes till I feel like throwing up.

Tory Davis said...

You East Coast people are so behind the times. TJ's is like, so five years ago.
Really, Trader Joe's makes my tricked out lifestyle possible.
Hmm, it's sort of sad when I say that out loud.

Anonymous said...

the tortilla strips are really good as well. you are seriously behind the times though, my friend. trader joes was around when we were in college.

Anonymous said...

Tory -

Actually, the East Coast people aren't behind the times... just Graham is... he does not represent our people as a whole.

maikib said...

I can't believe you've lived in boston for-- how long? and you've just now gone to TJ's... especially because i used to trek out to L.I. with your mom for TJ (and IKEA swedish meatball) trips. Have i taught you nothing?

I know you're probably anti-Indian food at the moment (I love it, but three days straight is kind of overkill), but when you're ready to partake again, TJ's has great pre-packaged Indian food... v. easy to cook, for the kitchen-impaired (which apparently, you are not anymore...). Try the yogurt cheese slices too... yum. Lactose-free.

and yes, please get montu on the whole amex thing.