Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fidelis Ad Mortem

So, this is the 5th anniversary of 9/11/01. An event that has a lot of emotion for many people, of which I am one. My old employer has a nice tribute page up for these 23 brave men and women shown here.

I also have the e-mail that I wrote on the morning on 9/12 when I finally got home. Some of you have seen it, some probably haven't. It was important for me to get it off my chest.

It's not that I don't want people to forget. I want people to remember. I can't forget. It's locked inside my head and I can't get some of those images out if I tried. Especially Moira Smith on the radio that morning. I pray to God that I could get rid of that memory, but I can't. I also remember her beautiful daughter running up and down the aisle of the poshumous medal ceremony in the prettiest red dress.

God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, G...I remember just fine, thanks. I don't need 4 moments of silence, 150 memorial events and 10000 politicians telling me that today is a somber day in American History. I was there. Just 5 years ago. But yeah. Do what you need to do. Feel free to call if you're all fucked inside. I probably shouldn't be making this about me. If you need to post about how you want folks to remember, then you post it.

I remember. Don't know how that makes you feel better, but there you go. Now what? You want to grab a beer or something?

Hero to the Masses said...

I know you remember. Perhaps I get angry because up here, people consider 9/11 the start of a funding stream, or when they got the money for their new rescue truck. I don't mean to preach. God knows, you deal with all of this crap in whatever way you want.

I just feel like people here don't remember is the same I guess.

Anonymous said...

I imagine in your field you’d see that sort of thing a lot. Though Boston as a whole wasn’t affected in the way New York was, being as the planes left from Boston, it wasn’t so much viewed as an attack on the city, but, on a smaller yet no less personal level, as an attack on people from Boston. Less people were directly affected, obviously.

I’m thinking of my friend Lisa, who was at our apartment (with Nicole, Marta and Meaghan Maley) the week before when she needed a place to stay.

Rather undramatically, my last memory is all of us sitting on the sofa on Sunday, very, very hungover, watching Look Who’s Talking Too and trying to defeat our hangovers with meatball subs from Fast Eddie's.

Here’s her page:

Anonymous said...

Well, gosh, G...what do you expect?

Boston sucks.
Has always sucked.
Will always suck.

Come home. Here in nyc, we had some beers, watched Garden State (finally) and laughed at Ernie on the Fox. Then we went out on the Fire Escape and watched the clouds move over the Tower In Lights memorial while we had cigarettes.

I couldn't ask for a better 9/11, I don't think.

Tory Davis said...

For very very selfish reasons, I'm glad they didn't let you go down there that day. I prefer a world with the Cracker in it.
Last night I had a friend over and we did the ceremony I do every year for 9/11. I like to honor the day in a private, quiet way. I feel sick watching politicians using it to advance agendas.
Though to be honest the day makes me feel ill and sad regardless.