Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm a little nervous

So tomorrow, I begin my pursuit of my Masters in Public Administration at Suffolk University. And yes, you jokers, I have my new backpack and my pencil case and my name is written into the back of all my gym shorts.

So I'm returning to school after a 7 year hiatus and I'm a little scared. But hopefully we start slow. I'm also entering the 21st Century by deciding to take notes on my laptop. We'll see how that works out as well.

I'll keep you all posted.


maikib said...

you're going to kick ass-- just think of it this way: there are going to be kids just out of school, hence, less worldly (and not able to verbally joust in class to your degree); people older than you, hence, worse for the wear (than you, that is); and of course, those in your camp-- but clearly, not as capable or experienced. So, the playing field will be level. Besides, this is something that you are actually choosing to do (and funding yourself), so you have more incentive to achieve. i have no doubt that you'll go in there and kick some public administration butt.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting a grad course in Bioethics on Wednesday at U Penn (though I'm certainly not matriculated in any degree program, just feeling my academic oats).

It's totally gonna be like old school. I'll start the JMC midatlantic chapter of our frat. I'll see you at the conference.

Anonymous said...

Maikib is too nice to you!

Firstly, don't take notes on your laptop. You will wind up playing solitaire instead and you will fail all your classes.

Secondly, try not to hit on all the 22 year old womens. There will be a few that it'll be cool, but if you hit on all of them, you will fail all your classes.

Thirdly, pre-empt the Bursur's letter and just go straight there. It's not like they got your check or anything...or they lost your application. Trust me. You'll save time jsut by going straight there. You were there all the time at VC, you'll be there all the time at Suffolk.

Also, good luck.

Nicole said...

Good grief. You'll be startled by how much grad school is exactly like going to work. And I second everything Pedro said (SHOCKING). And I miss his fake websites a little bit.

maikib said...

haha-- pedro, you crack me up. and i concur with nicole-- i miss the fake websites too.

Anonymous said...

I aim to please!