Monday, September 11, 2006

A little scattered today

So work was fine. Did the moment of silence at 8:46AM, or tried to as my co-worker wanted to ask me something. All today I guess I felt scattered. It was like I had ADHD and I was 3. So I left a little early, as I saved most of the heavy lifting for tomorrow.

So now I'm home and I have to finish my first paper, and I feel alone. Let me preface this by saying that I know I'm not alone and I'm not looking for a million phone calls. I have the world's best friends and I know this. I sort of wish that I had someone here, right now, who I could see and talk to. Perhaps this is one of the negatives of being single. Apparently isn't pulling in the hits. Sometimes you feel alone even though you're surrounded by wonderful people.

Does this make sense? I have no idea. I'm off to write about these 111 poor bastards who died in a coal mine explosion in Centralia, IL. Thanks for stopping by today.


Tory Davis said...

I tried to go to, but failed. Does that site only work in Boston?

Tory Davis said...

I was feeling funny today, but now I regret my above comment. I'm sorry. Most of your post was sad, and I want to honor that.

Hero to the Masses said...

No worries. I own and it forwards to my blog because I don't have an actual Date Graham site.

maikib said...

i was in o'hare on my way to colorado when they announced a moment of silence over the loud speaker (and actually in real time, so it was 7:46 here). To my astonishment, everything actually went silent-- people on their cell phones, the gate agents, the little carts that run around the airport. it was astounding and uplifting and very, very sad-- all at the same time. maybe september 11, 2001 isn't as far away from our consciousness as some of us may think.