Monday, October 16, 2006

Jericho Verdict

So I just saw the Pilot about 3 weeks after everyone else....

It's like they put "Lost" in Kansas. A small town in Kansas with all different types of people, with far more diversity than I think might actually exist. Skeet Ulrich is his most promising role since that epic drama, Chill Factor.

I think I'll skip it for now. It has all the built in plot lines....loner returns. Finds ridiculously hot ex is engaged to a banker. (Don't know many bankers out in farm country.) Power struggle between Mayor and rival candidate. Loose prisoners... My head hurts.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I feel about Jericho. I've watched every episode and I can't decide if I hate it or like it.

I like the nukes/survival story. I hates the characters. I like the Black Dude Who Knows More Than He Should. I hates me the white folk.

It's tough. I don't know why I keep watching. I think it's the satisfied feeling that I livd through the era when the content of the show mattered. Cold War was WAY cooler than this War on Terror. WAY COOLER.

Hero to the Masses said...

Dude....As an Emergency Management guy, this show is not that accurate. Even given our current political climate, this show makes not that much sense. I miss the Russians.

I remember watching "Red Dawn" and thinking that one day in school I'd look out the window and see Russian paratroopers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

don't know many bankers in farm country? hey dumbass, you don't think those dumb farmers need money too? what, are they still on the bartering system?