Thursday, February 15, 2007

I could skate on my parking lot..

So the snow came and then it turned to rain. And then the rain turned to ice. And because of the deal that the 2005 Red Sox made with the Devil, it won't melt ever. Seriously.

Also to the side, you'll notice a map from Yelp. It's a foodie site mostly. You can track my reviews. The flag all the way down in North Carolina belongs to Yana's Burgers. Top 3 cheeseburgers ever. And this kid likes cheeseburgers.

There's a dinner on Saturday night at my uncle's place. Should be fun. Family dynamics + alcohol = interesting times. Anyone have a better President's Day Weekend planned that possible boozing with relatives?


Anonymous said...

I think introducing the mullet to teh family this year could be an interesting dynamic. That or dress up like Doctor Detriot.

Tory Davis said...

Mmmm... makes me miss the fam back in Philly. What's a national holiday without drunken relatives? Hey, does that even exist?
And they wonder why I'm so happy in Cali.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be trapped in a Jet blue airplane for 10 hours than hang out with the relatives. We put the D in dysfunction. Where is John Bender when you need him!!!!

boyski said...

Well besides boozing it up with the ole relatives, I'll be up in the remote woods of New Hampshire snow mobiling and scaring whatever nature enthusiasts I can spot.