Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Congregation may be seated

I'm off tomorrow morning for my brother's wedding. So the brothers will be uniting like the Knights of the Round Table in Detroit, Michigan. (Except there won't be swords and there will be beer.)

I'm marrying my brother and future sister-in-law on Saturday. So we're going to catch a Tigers game tomorrow and then see what Windsor, Ontario through a tunnel to Canada.

I'll see if I can update the blog when I'm there, but it might not happen. I promise photos upon my return and I'll try not to create any international incidents. I'm on some sort of U.N. Watchlist for vagrants and malcontents I think.

I think Detroit PD is hiring. And as an incentive to working in the murder capital of the U.S., you get to work with this guy:


Tory Davis said...

"I'm marrying my brother and future sister-in-law on Saturday." You never struck me as the polyamory type, Cracker, but I guess Boston can change people...
heee hee I'm hilarious! Best wishes to the happy couple (and their officiant :)

Anonymous said...

Great job at the service Bro, couldn't be more proud of you. looking forward to the pics and I promise to get mine out as soon as possible. -RMC

maikib said...

Hmmm... did i read something about a tunnel?? to canada??